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Would you like me to feature your infographic on my blog? I submit infographics to my blog on a regular basis each week on a Saturday. Simply fill out the form to submit infographics to my website. As someone who has had their own infographic defaced when submitting infographics to my site please ensure you’re the original owner of the infographic or the representative of the owner and that the infographic doesn’t contain nudity or fowl language and that I haven’t already featured your infographic on my site.

Although I occasionally upload infographics during the week I predominantly upload infographics on a Saturday. When you send you submit your infographic please ensure you submit it along with at least 250 words of unique content examining the infographic itself. You could explain why you created the infographic, your sources, and what you do.

Infographic is still a great way of link-building even in 2015 and networking across blogs. I’ll include your company name as anchor text.

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