SEO Consultant

I’m a freelance SEO consultant having worked with some of the biggest authorities across competitive industries I’ve been key to many successful search engine optimisation strategies and currently working on successful search engine optimisation strategies at Verify A Plumber a national online marketplace for plumbing work and services.



Search Engine Optimisation

As an SEO consultant, I understand the difficulties involved with implementing reputable search engine optimisation campaigns without being penalised by Google and the factors involved with making an impact beyond local search.
Rather than hiding behind industry jargon and thin SEO strategies, I understand what small, medium and large enterprises require to make an impact.

Educating clients on SEO and the benefits of a long-term strategy at minimal cost. A good SEO strategy needn’t cost the earth, but it does require commitment to maintain a healthy SEO campaign.

Using the wealth of search engine optimisation experience learnt over the past decade in search in both on-site and off-site optimisation techniques including extensive keyword research, inbound link-building campaigns and content driven online reputation campaigns that see small brands become authority figures within their industry. I’m a seasoned SEO consultant that will tailor a strategic tactical SEO campaign that complements your business existing marketing activity and leave your competitors scratching their heads.