Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click marketing is the fastest and most effective strategy to drive traffic to your website. With a paid search campaign a Pay Per Click campaign can see a fast return on investment. However if a Pay Per Click campaign is left to it’s own devices without properly optimising the campaign it can be detrimental on both your budget and potential ROI.



Pay Per Click Management

Maximise the potential of your PPC campaign by hiring a PPC manager, I am well versed on the ins and outs of running a successful PPC campaign having managed multiple campaigns in competitive industries with his strategy to improve a campaign and ensure it’s optimised for maximum effect and return.

By conducting a full PPC spend audit and delivering a summary of initial findings and then implementing the changes to help improve a PPC campaign.

Having worked in industries where a PPC campaign can cost £110 per click to managing campaigns from £4 per click, this PPC management role will ensure your budget is stretch and your PPC optimisation is successful.

You can hire me to manage your PPC spend and ROI.