2015 Top Eight Online Resources

Whether you’re just starting out, or an experienced digital or affiliate marketer, these eight online resources will help make you more efficient, productive and more professional.


Manage Your Daily Tasks With SlickTasks

Have you ever had a bright idea to only forget it a few minutes later? Well, it happens to me ALL the time! (Look! slicktasksShiny object!) SlickTasks.com is a brilliant app downloadable on Windows, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry (Yay!) and available to access online. Has the capabilities to sync immediately and has helped me out a ton over the past year. It’s a powerful task management tool that needs to be in your arsenal especially if you’re running multiple projects. Get it here.


If you’re looking to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign you’re going to want to check out where you’re current rankings are on Google and other major search engines. Although Semalt has a lot of bad press online for their consistent daily referral traffic, Semalt as a service is brilliant for checking where you rank online and an affordable compared to that of SEMRush, Moz.com and if you need to check 100,000 keywords it’s reliable. Get it here.


Using ManDrillApp to deliver transactional e-mails is easy.

mandrillappThe absolutely need and first thing to do after securing your domain name and social media accounts is to seek out an e-mail marketing service provider. ManDrillApp should be the beginning of your e-mail marketing database utilising an e-mail database means you can communicate with your prospective customers and leads on a regular basis. It’s a direct e-mail to your targeted customers. ManDrillApp is an e-mail service provider that can be integrated using a WordPress plugin and their API is easy to implement. Get it here.


Staying connected with your audience is a must and although I mainly use Buffer for Twitter you can buffer status updates on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Keeping a consistent presence on social media will remind your audience of you and your service and has been pivotal to the success of my online marketing strategies. Buffer only needs a few minutes a day to get going to schedule your tweets. There are many features to Buffer making it a must for your social media arsenal and at only $10 a month you can’t afford to say no. Get it here.

Google Enterprises

Staying connected with your audience is important and Buffer is a great tool for that but once you’ve connected with your social audience the next job is to start e-mailing them and documenting them. Google Enterprises for business is a great affordable tool for aspiring affiliate marketers to manage e-mails and documents all in one tool. With Google Enterprises you’ll find using all the Google Apps for £3.30 a month an ease. Get it here.


It’s amazing how many people are willing to brass themselves off for only $5 online. You’ll literally find anyone to do anything for you! I wouldn’t recommend the SEO services but I’d recommend some other services such as the professional voiceovers and videos to help your YouTube marketing efforts. Check out Fiverr and starting pimping. Get it here.


I always go on about NameChk.com but it’s the best online resource for those that want to protect their online reputation through securing your own social media profile. Type in your domain name, company name and check whether your username and handle for over 160 social media profiles are available. Get it here.


TextLocal Brilliant For Transactional Text Messages
Helping over 120k+ businesses and sending up to 40 million text messages per month. TextLocal is a brilliant resource for digital and affiliate marketers that are looking to go down the service route. I use TextLocal as a transactional service for when homeowners and plumbers sign-up to my platform. Get it here.



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