Women VS Men Investment

Women VS Men The Better Investor?

Women – Not willing to take the risk.
Men – Risk Takers

When asked if ambiguous information would reduce their confidence and raise their perception of risk. 92% of women said: YES compared to 69% of men.

Women – Children, Mortgage, Retirement
Men – Reach a goal, increase wealth.

Women Invest based on life events where as men are more driven by achieving a target or goal.

Women – Ask friends and family for help as well as seek an advisor.
Men – Do their own research.

63% of women choose to do their own investment research compared to 75% of men.

Women – Rational Decisions
Men – “Hot Tip” Decisions

Women tend to make more rational decisions than MEN who are more likely to invest on a whim or a hot trip.

Women – Not over-conident, don’t trade more than necessary.
Men – Over confident, trade frequently incurring charges.

Women are on average more successful investors their returns outpaced men’s by 1.4% annually.

47% of women are confident of their investment skills compared 61% of men. However, women are more inclined to make less risky investment decisions, and also to make better returns.


Women VS Men Investment

Infographic by rplan.



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