Scary Social Media

What’s Really Scary About Social Media?

Following on from my last halloween infographic I found this which although it’s December and it’s Christmas this infographic is still relevant for social media profiles. Ghost stories and haunted houses might be scary at Halloween, but for social media professionals there are year-round worries. We asked social media pros what really spooks them. Here’s what they said.

What keeps you up at night?

50% – Creating meaningful conversations with audiences in social media. Tying social media efforts to the bottom line.
38% Finding resources to execute ideas.
37% Keeping up with social network changes.
25% Facebook EdgeRank
20% Smartphones buzzing with social media notifications at all hours.

48% of social media pros think social is less scary for brands than a year ago. 19% think it’s more frightening.

ROI and meaningful customer dialog are the top causes of sleepless nights.

How scary are these social scenarios?

% who find these ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ scary.

86% Having your corporate social media accounts hacked.
77% Becoming a social media case study for what not to do.
57% Tweetng a personal tweet to a corporate account accidentally.
53% Losing your social media tracking data from the past 6 months.
40% Being asked to prove positive ROI.
38% Taking a chance on a creative social media campaign, only to hear a spooky silence from your fans and followers.
38% Managing dozens of active social media accounts manually.

What’s a social media professional’s worse nightmare?

Lack of interaction
“No response at all (be it positive or negative) to a campaign you spent blood, sweat, and tears over.”

Gaffes and Mistakes
“Dealing with a PR nightmare that happens overnight and you don’t respond or put out the fire fast enough.”

Social Media Firestorms
“Getting horrifying backlash from fans on content that just won’t stop.”

Lack of Support
“No commitment from management – no consideration for actually creating a marketing plan with objectives for social media participation.”

Failed Campaigns
“Convincing a huge client to work with you and then having your entire SM campaign fail terribly.”
“Flopping – completely missing the mark.”

Internal Hurdles
“Not enough resources to create meaningful campaigns.”

Worst Spooky Character at Social Media: Mummies

Which would be the worst at social media?
Witches: 8.2% Boiling cauldrons of potions and spooky spells are no way to attract an audience.

Ghosts 17.2% Social media and community managers need to be visible and accessible to their audiences, but that’s though to do when you’re busy haunting people. It sure is easy to be transparent, through!

Vampires 17.9% Drinking the blood of the innocent just doesn’t count as engagement.

Zombies 26.9% Zombies don’t move quick enough. Their social media response time would be atrocious.

Mummies 29.9% Great social media dialog is about focusing on your customers. You can’t make it all about them when you’re “wrapped up” in what your company is doing.

Social Media…

Is like “Ghostbustings.” You have to work as a team to make your company a social success. 37.3%

Is like “Dawn of the Dead.” Whether it’s having a plan to hunker down in a local shopping mall or developing a social media strategy you must have roadmap to succeed. 33.6%

Is like “poltergeist.” Just as Carol Anne gets sucked into the television social media pros are drawn to social media – and love every minute of it. 15.7%

Is like “Scream.” It’s not cool to be anonymous in social media – or when you’re a killer calling the babysitter. 7.5%

Is like “The Blair Witch Project.” If there’s any scary movie that illustrates the power of video, it’s “The Blair Witch Project.” 6%


Social Media Pros Know How to Party (on Facebook)

“You’re Throwing A Halloween Party For Your Facebook Fans. What Are The Top 3 Things This Party Needs?”

74.6% – A compelling invitation. Tell your fans and their friends why they should “like” the idea of attending your party.

60.4% – Great community managers. You’ve got to have someone get the party started and keep the conversations going!

53.7% Tons of food, drinks, activities, and spooky decor. You need to entertain and engage your guests after tehy arrive. Otherwise, they’ll move on.

Scary Social Media

Infographic by ShoutLet.



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