What is making the roads dangerous

What is really making the roads dangerous?

There were 33,963 Car Accident Deaths last year in the US. That’s 1/4 of all accidental deaths. Many of these deaths could have easily been prevented.

Drunk driving accounts for 1/2 of those fatalities.

3/4 of car accident related deaths are male.

Nearly 25% of all traffic accidents involve someone talking on a cell phone.

Talking on a cell phone while driving can make your reaction time as slow as a 70 year-old.

It is estimated the average driver will spear 32,025 times during their lifetime while driving.

Responsibility for crashes by car color.

Red = 15%
Blue = 16.1%
White = 25.6%
Other 43.3%

Most dangerous Vehicles for 2012

Dodge Ram 1500

Chevy Colorado Crew Cab

Mazda CX-7

What is making the roads dangerous

This infographic is by Best Accident Attorneys.



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