Verdict of Matic


The easy-to-use Apple VS Samsung.

Do They Look the same?

  • No – You can easily tell them apart by the different logos on them.
  • Yes – This should be a cakewalk.

I can’t decide

What about these?

  • Sort Of – Icons are supposed to be the same, that’s why they are called ICONS!
  • Yes – Didn’t Woz invent the handset phone?

I can’t decide

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

  • Mostly – It could be the Samsung Platypus.
  • Yes – Fact: Apple invented that duck test.

I’m waddling on this one.

Can you patent a rounded rectangle?

  • No – Well you can, but that’s evil.
  • Yes – … and it’s evil genius.

I was never good at math.

Apple invented the tablet computer?

  • No – Tablets were invented by HAL 9000
  • No – But they did invent the successful tablet computer.

I thought he Etch A Sketch was first!

A short break to skretch your legs, while we listen to a rendition of the Barenaked Ladies song, “It’s all been done before”.

Google warned Samsung they thought the Samsung tablet looked too much like an iPad!

  • E-Mail Doesn’t Count – Google has no sense of design. It is known.
  • See! – It takes one to know one!

What does Google have to do with this again?

We stole their ideas, but they stole them first.

  • Agreed – That argument always worked for me on the playground!
  • 1st stealers don’t count. – Real artists steal prior art!

I’m confused.

Would you mind if the judge demanded they settle this via rock-paper-scissors?

  • OK! – Sounds good! Apple can go first!
  • Are you smoking crack? – No, but I’m pretty sure they add iCrack to their iPad.

Is there any way they can both lose?

By the end of this trial, you could probably be considered an expert and may be asked to testify at the Appeal for up to $1000 an hour.

Oh Yeah!

Mistrial start over!

Verdict of Matic



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