Travel Hacks for Better Travel

Travel Hacks for a Better Trip

Do you love travelling? It seems like there are hacks for everything these days so we’ve gathered 20 travel hacks that will help you have the best vacation possible.

  1. Travel By Land
    Benefits: Travelling by land allows you to see more of the country. It is also generally cheaper than flying, and has more flexibility in terms of bookings ect.
  2. Leave Guidebooks at Home
    Why lug them around when you can get to know the locals? It’s a good way to sharpen your foreign language skills.
  3. Pack Less
    Do you really need all that stuff? be brutal. If you don’t need it, leave it out. You’ll have a lot less to carry round.
  4. Go Veggie On The Flight
    By going for the vegetarian option, you’ll get fresher, healthier food. This can have an uplifting effect. Can also help with jet-lag.
  5. When Searching For Flights Browse Privately
    This item of clothing has multi-purposes. For example, it can be folded and turned into a pillow.
  6. Dummy Wallet
    Take a spare wallet with old bank cards and a bit of cash. Greay way to turn muggers into dummies.
  7. Eat Like a Local
    Not only will you avoid the jacked-up tourist prices, but you’ll generally get better quality food and have an authentic cultural experience.
  8. Get A Room On The Second Floor
    The Second floor of a hotel is optimum. It’s more difficult for muggers to break in; and in the event of an emergency, you’re not too high to get out.
  9. Use A Local Sim Card
    Roaming costs are extertionate. By using a local simcard in your smartphone you save lots of money.
  10. Smart Sandwich Bag
    Store your smartphone in a sandwich bag when at the beach. This is a smart way to protect your phone from sand and water.
  11. Fragile
    If your luggage is labelled as fragile people will be more likely to take care of it, meaning one less headache for you.
  12. Save Space
    Roll your belt into your shirt, collar, this nifty trick is a greay way to maximise luggage sapce.
  13. Depart On A Tuesday Or Wednesday
    Save yourself some money. Research shows that flights are generally cheaper on those days.
  14. Learn The Best Way To Pack
    There’s an art to packing. Master it and you’ll get rid of suitcase headaches forever.
  15. Weigh Your Luggage
    Avoid the nightmare of being told your luggage is too heavy. Weigh it before you leave and guarantee yourself a smooth check-in.
  16. Place Necklaces in Drinking Straws
    This is a great way to prevent your necklaces from becoming tangled up.
  17. Take Advantage of Free WiFi
    Don’t pay extortionate internet cafe prices. Simply find out the WiFi hot spots and check your emails for free.
  18. Pack an Empty Bottle
    Don’t pay rip-off airport prices for mineral water, take an empty bottle and fill it up at a water fountain.
  19. Charge Your Phone
    If you’ve broken or lost your charger, this is a greay way to keep your smartphone powered up. All you need is a USB cable that connects to your device.
  20. Put a dryer sheet in your suit case
    This will keep your clothes smelling fresh on all those long journeys.

Travel Hacks for Better Travel

Infographic by Baltic Travel Company.



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