10 Reasons to use explainer video

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In An Explainer Video

Consumers engagement a successful explainer video will describe your business in an engaging way that helps your consumers remember and understand what you are offering.

Higher Conversions of senior executives have visited a vendos website after watching a promotional video.

Higher Sales of users are more likely to purchase your product / service after viewing an explainer video compared to other visitors.

Video > Text only 28% of webpage text content is read compared to an average of 2.7 minutes of video content.

  • 53x Websites with vidoes are more likely to appear on Google’s first page.
  • 3x More to receive more links from other sites

Social Media engaging videos can be well received. Video content can increase website traffic by up to 60% through social media sharing.

Increased Awareness visitors that spend more time on your content are more likely to share it.

Mobile Reach – Don’t miss on valuable traffic!

  • 92% of mobile viewers will share videos with others.
  • 48% of mobile users watch videos on their smartphone.

Ongoing Growth 75 Million of U.S. Internet Users watch videos onlien and it grows everyday!

Educate customers viewers retain 58% more information watching a video than reading text.

10 Reasons to use explainer video



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