The Underestimated Power of The Sofa

So-Fa, So Good. The humble sofa. In so many homes, offering sitting pleasure to us all. Yes the sofa is comfortable. But who knew furniture could be so much fun!

World’s Fastest Sofa 101mph. Powered by Suzuki GSX 1400 Motorcycle Engine.

Where: Sydney, Australia.
When: 26 September 2011.

World’s Longest Sofa: 890.25M.

Carried out by twenty furniture factories.

Where: Sykkylven, Norway
When: 14 June 2009

Largest Inflatable Furniture

Length: 20.5M (Back)
Length: 20.15m (Front)
Width: 8.10M
Heigh: 8.10M

Carried out by Jacobs Kronug in Bremen, Germany on 14th April 2009.

Designed by Ronarad in 1994 made with stainless steel. Most expensiv Sofa £300,000.

Longest Time Balancing Sofa on Chin 6.10 secondards. Type of Sofa Loveseat.

Where: Springfield, Illinois, USA When: 4 May 2010.

In its lifetime the average sofa will witness.

293 Arguments

1,300 Cuddles

1,600 Spillages

782 Visitors

391 Lads Nights

293 Girly Nights


Infographic by: Nabru



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