Facts about Hearing Loss

The Sound of Silence – The Truth About Hearing Loss

1 in 10 adults suffer with mild tinnitus. 1 in 100 notices a distinct impact on their life. Four million people int he UK suffer with undiagnosed hearing loss. 40+ beyond the age of 40 a higher proportion of men will develop hearing loss. Two million people in the Uk currently wear a hearing aid.

The warning signs

  • TV turned up too loud.
  • Struggling to follow conversations.
  • Becoming withdrawn or isolated
  • Difficulty hearing in background sound.
  • Upset when confronted about hearing problems
  • Turn head so ear faces the sound when listening


  • It only happens to old people – Hearing problems can affect anyone, anytime!
  • Hearing aids are unsightly! Modern hearing aids are stylish and near invisible.
  • Nothing can be done to help – Deterioration can be prevented


Hearing plays a vital part in everyday safety and identifying danger. From crossing the road to hearing a smoke alarm, your hearing plays a vital part in keeping you safe.

Hearing loss can prevent a grandparent from engaging fully with their family meaning they miss out, as do their grandchildren.

  • Professional tests are free.
  • Online checks can be a good start.
  • Impartial advice is best.

Facts about Hearing Loss

Infographic by Action on Hearing Loss.




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