Sneakiest Product Placement

The Sneakiest Product Placements

In the fabulous industry of Entertainment, not all the glitters is not gold; the most shameless commerical plugs may be well hidden in plain sight on your favourite action movie, the next soccer game you watch or even on the video games you play. To help you spot them, here’s a list of the Sneakiest Product Placements in Entertainment.

Product Placement on TV

Modern Family – Dedicated an entire episode to the release of the ipad as Phile – one of the characters got it as a gift for his birthday.

The Big Bang Theory – Came up first in a Nielsen’s study of ‘viewer recall’ after an episode in which Sheldon uses Purell after handling a live snake.

30 Rock – Reached out to Kraft to feature the brand in an episode (usually it’s the other way around). Kraft Singles were featured as “the cheese that won World War 2.

Product Placement in Games

EverQuest 2 – Added an option in their video game for players to order Pizza Hut without ever moving away from their screens.

Atari – Did you know only 160 copies of the Atari game “Pepsi Invaders” exist? This was an advertisement distributed in 1983 during a Coca Cola sales convention.

Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker collects none other than Doritos, Pepsi and Mountain Dew along the way while he wears an Axe shirt.

Product Placement in Apps

Deal – magazine filed a lawsuit after investing $50k to strike a cameo in the Burt Reynolds movie ‘Deal’ about an ex-gambler and his disiple in the WSOP. The mag was never featured.

Nicklas Bendtner – Danish soccer striker Nicklas Bendtner was fined 100k (euro) for lifting his shirt and revealing an Irish bookmaking brand (Paddy Power) in his underwear after scoring a goal in the UEFA Championship.

SNL – During their 37th season finale, SNL showcased ‘color’ an iPhone App. Host Mick Jagger, and guests Arcade Fire and Foo Fighters used this live broadcasting app to stream behind the scenes.

Product Placement in Movies

Sex and the City 2 – Sarah Jessica Parker Replaced her iconic Mac computer for a Hewlet Packard PC for the Sex and the City 2 sequel.

The Avengers – The Avengers helped shawarma sales jump 80% at Lebanese joints in Hollywood as a result of the final scene of the movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man – “The Amazing Spider-Man” faced critcism after featuring teenage science geek Peter Parker using Bing as a his preferred search engine instead of Google and Sony Xperia phone instead of an iPhone.

Tom Cruise – He is partially responsible for the Aviator Glasses trend. Back when hte movie was released, sales for these type of lenses went up by 40%.

Product Placement in Music

OK Go – Features a Chevy Sonic as the star of their video “Needing/Getting”. The car, studded with musical instruments is taken for a 2 mile percussive drive-by and it creates music as the band sings. Reportedly, Chevy paid $1 million for this.


The name for media sources that add commercial brands into their script weaving stories and commercials together into a single narrative for profit is Advertainment as dubbed by Patrizia Musso in 1999.

Sneakiest Product Placement

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