Shape of Email

The Shape of Email

What is a day in the life of a corporate email user?

25% state they have sent an email late at night just to show commitment… and 76% of email users have sent emails they later regretted.. and 40% have deleted emails by mistake.

57% of people spend half their working day on email… of that 27& is writing email – 30% is reading email.

39% of people regularly send and read emails outside of work.

4 hours per day at the inbox.

If we’re not reading and sending, we’re searching… 86% of people rely on email as a search tool. 49% believe email is reducing the day-to-day need for other file storage and use.

2 minutes is the average amount of time spent searching for an email or attachment.

Shape of Email

To see the full story check out Mimecast.



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