Social Media Primer

The Joy of Social Media

How Bob Ross sees it. Of all the happy little worlds Bob Ross has created on his canvasses, none are as intriguing as his social media landscape series. So strap on your painting afro, get out your titanium white dress shirt, and try your hand at visualizing everyone’s favourite social media destinations.

Facebook – Happy Mega Mountain

When painting the Facebook happy mega mountain, remember to always use titanium white and liquid white, and provide enough space for 20 million apps and 600 million happy little people to live in harmony and to really make that looming shadow – which the mountain casts over other all other social media platforms – add just a touch of Indian yellow”.

Buzz – Deserted Destination

Not every little painting we make is a happy painting. Just kidding. How can you not be happy iwth those swirly little tumbleweeds left behind by early adoptees? Oh yah, be sure to include a buzzard.

Digg – Diggable Delight

I’m really digging this happy little hole full of useless. But happy critters. Add some van dyke brown to really emphasize all those wonderful little creatures you dug up.

Instagram – Perfectly Pictured

Want to paint that picture you took a picture of a picture that was instagrammed to your twitter account? Add some prussian blue and get out your fan brush. don’t be afraid to give that tree some happy little friends.

My Unfortunate Space

Sometimes you have to add just a little grey to those happy fluffy clouds. While my spacious cabin may have seen better days, that doesn’t mean it can’t still pop every now and again. Use some alizarin crimson to make those creaks and cracks really stand out.

Infomation Irrigation

To get this babbling stream of news and information to really flow, grab your old two inch brush, mix some pthalo blue and just tap, tap, tap it on to the canvas, soon you’ll find all your happy little bits of internet information come bubbling to the surface.

Linking Lakes

It’s easy to make a lake full of sturdy life boats all linked together, get out your fan brush and some prussian blue and gently brush the surface. Don’t forget to link those happy little boats together. Not sure what the benefit is of linking up all these little guys? Neither does anyone else.

Happy Little Blue Birds

Few things make me happier than seeing a happy little blue bird tweeting with all his happy little friends. But what makes me really giddy with delight is hearing a beautiful symphony of 200 million blue birds all tweeting their own happy tune.

The Path Less Travelled

Sometimes all these happy little trees in your paintings are for you and your friend’s eyes only. In our painting we added a nice big fence at the end of a new dusty path to make sure our special little place stays hidden away from any unwanted critters.

Color Me Ostentatious

If you really want your painting to stand out. Add a bit of color. If that doesn’t work, make sure to paint a huge but happy billboard showing everyone in the room exactly what you got.

Discovery Meadows

When painting this relaxing open meadow, make sure to add all the special little things you might stumble upon within. Items may include: a video of a kitten playing violin, a juggling ducky, a vampire fanfiction site, and anything related to star wars.

Critters Chatter

In our little universe we can have all these happy forest critters chatting with each other, and in real time! You’ll go bongo once a touch of liquid white is added to the mix. Happy Painting!

Social Media Primer




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