Elite Security Services

The Hidden World of Elite Security Services

There’s more to private security than meets the eye. Here’s a peek at what elite protectors do behind the scenes.

At home (Residential Protection)

  • Operate a command center on property.
  • Control access to property
  • Screen phone calls and mail.
  • Install & Monitor Early-Warning Detection Systems:
    • Security cameras
    • Infrared beams
    • Motion Detectors Duress Buttons
  • Respond to & Manage Emergencies

In the Office

  • Control access to building & other restricted areas.
  • Escort authorized visitors through sensitive areas.
  • Screen mail and deliveries
  • Provide executive protection for occasions, such as:
    • Shareholder meetings
    • Press conferences
    • Corporate social gatherings
    • Difficult terminations
    • Protests and demonstrations
  • Monitor vendor activities

In Public

  • Advance locations to identify:
    • Safest foot routes
    • Vehicle staging areas
    • Secure holding rooms
    • Assigned tables
    • Nearest medical assistance
  • Guide protectee past press, fans, & general commotion.
  • Provide non-public route into & out of event

On Location

  • Provide physical protection
  • Control access to non-public areas
  • Arrange for safe, appropriate housing and trnasportation.
    • Coordinate smooth airport, arrivals and departures.
    • Offer logistical support to enhance protectee safety and peace of mind.

Other Security Services

  • Technical Security (Designed intrusion-free environments)
  • Conduct full safety and privacy reviews of homes and offices.
  • Meet with designers, builders and architects.
  • Review blueprints
  • Build and maintain complex security systems.
  • Design safe rooms
  • Write user manuals
  • Provide recommendations, including:
    • Technical specifications
    • Specific installation guidelines
    • Security upgrades

Global Operation Centers (Centralized monitoring for large organisations)

  • Design and staff monitoring and response centers.
  • Provide global security via remote monitoring technology.
  • Conduct threat assessment in volatile regions.
  • Assist corporate security and risk management teams with:
    • Casework
    • Difficult terminations
    • Research and incident reports
    • Emergency medical contingency reports
    • System maintenance and troubleshooting
    • Data sorting

Elite Security Services

Infographic by Gavin De Becker.



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