Internet Trolls

The Had Knock LIfe of an Internet Troll

Long, Greasy Hair – Who has time to cut their hair or shower when they’re busy terrorising online forum members?

Thick Neck – The carotid artery walls in the neck thicken with the stress of being right all the time.

Bad Posture – A natural effect of having to carry the weight of the ignorant Internet world upon one’s shoulders.

Big Belly – Full of vitriol and Cheetos.

Pale Indoor Complexion – Going outside is for people who fail at the Internet.

Perma-Wrinkle Between Brows – Brought on by being a combination of frustrated and focused all the time.

Bags Under Eyes – Sleepless nights are signs of diligent Internet trolling.

Small Sharp Teeth – From gritting down chompers in fits of resentful anger.

Can in Hand – Access to the reserve of energy needed for firing off inflammatory comments.

Worn-Down Caps Lock Button – Due to excessive internet yelling.

Wrist Brace – To fight off carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sweat Pants – Jeans are just soo restrictive.

Crumb Pile – Taking your eyes off the screen while eating is no-no, even if it means making a mess of Mother’s 1970’s carpet.

Internet Trolls

Infographic by Get Satisfaction.




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