The Evolution of the Bachelorette Party

Since the 5th Century B.C., men have been indulging in celebratory bachelor parties, but what about the ladies? Before the 1960’s, bridges-to-be were limited to modest bridal showers for their pre-wedding celebration. Take a walk through history to see the evolution of what we now know as the bachelorette party.

5th Century, BC – Spartan soldiers gather to toast a fellow soldier on the eve of his wedding.

1600s – Brides-to-be spend an evening alone considering their dowry.

1840 – Queen Victoria begins the tradition of the white wedding dress.

1862 – Modern handcuffs invented

Late 1800s – Grooms-to-be take a night to say goodbye to unseemly friends.

1922 – Term “bachelor party” first used in prin

1960s – Sexual Revolution

1960s – Bridal showers becoming more like Bachelor Parties in celebration of gender equality

1979 – Chippendales touring dance group is formed

1981 – First printed mention of the term “bachelorette party”

1984 – “Bachelor Party” starring Tom Hanks is released

1989 – Olympic Gardens opens on the Las Vegas Strip featuring female and male dancers

1990s – Bachelorette parties get a more wild reputation

1998 – “Sex and the City” debuts

2009 – “The Hangover” is released

2011 – “Bridesmaids” is released

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Evolution of the Bachelorette Party



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