Thomas Cook History

Technology In The Travel Industry

1841 – Thomas Cook who organised a train journey for 540 campaigners to attend a rally in Loughborough. Food and travel was provided at the cost of one shilling and Cook was given a share of the procedes making it the first true travel agency excursion. The success of the venture heralded expansion across the globe.

1908 – The Relase of the Model T Ford

As the first mass-produced vehicle marketed to the middle classes, the Model T Ford debuted in 1908 and helped famlilies and friends alike explore previously unreachable locales, depiste its relatively low top speed of around 40MPH.

1946 – Automated Booking System

In 1946, American Airlines installed the first automated booking system, the experimental electromechnical reservior.

1958 – The arrival of the Boeing 707 in 1958 heralded a new era in passenger aviation.

Development of High Speed Trains

1970 – The advanced passenger train was developed by British Rail in the early seventies and had a top speed of 155 MPH (249 KH/H).

1993 – Teletext Holidays – Wit its fresh format, Teletext broadcast a range of holidays across hundreds of pages that were up-to-date and competitively priced. Package holidays were particularly popular.

1996 – Online Bookings

The first websites that allowed consumers to reserve, bok and purchase tickets without the need for a travel agent appeared and changed the industry forver.

2012 Facts

  • 70% of consumers trust online advice.
  • 50% of blog readers read travel blogs
  • 50 million reviews on tripadvisor
  • 64% of people plan holidays with social media

Thomas Cook History



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