Energy & Fuel Green

Stop Turning Up The Heat!

Your home could be losing heat in places you never thought of!

Did you know where your home is losing heat?

  • 10% Ceilings
  • 12-14% Walls
  • 35% Air leakage
  • 15-18% Floors & Below Grade Space
  • 18-20% Windows & Doors

Here are some reasons why

  • Recessed lighting
  • Doors & Window Frames
  • Electrical Outlets & Switches
  • Dropped Ceilings
  • Plumbing & Utility Access
  • Water & Furnance Flues

Everyday Solutions to Retain Heat In Your Home

  • Keep south-facing windows covered with drapes
  • Keep other drapes open in the day to absorb natural sunlight.
  • Check for proper insulation
  • Repair holes/cracks to reduce cold air flow
  • Close fireplace dampers when not in use

Energy & Fuel Green

Infographic by Air n Water



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