Avoid Social Churn

Stop Being a Loser

Here are 12 useful tips to help you be less of a loser when it comes to retaining your social community and keep them happy.

Don’t overwhelm your audience.

  • Look at my cat.
  • Look at my cat sleep.
  • Look at my cat eat.
  • Someone look at my cat.

Respond within 30 minutes.

  • Unlike e-mail, social media is fast-paced and people expect near real-time interaction. 60 minutes is good, 30 is best.

Practice hashtag discipline.

  • #if #your #post #look #like #this #then #something #is #wrong #and #you #need #serious #help.

80% Entertain 20% Sell.

  • If you’re generally interesting, people will take the time to hear you out when you need them to. Go figure.

Address your users directly.

  • Your followers are real people and it helps to remind them that you are too. Use (we/us) and (you).

Don’t auto DM. Just don’t.

  • Auto-tweeting, promoting, and messaging is super sincere, but people tend to hate it anyway. Who knew?

Tweet with room to reply.

  • Don’t be a Wes Anderson. Cut down on the numbers of characters so fans have room to join the conversation.

Don’t tag without permission.

  • Not only does this practice reek of desperation, but you’re likely to be reported for spamming or bot behavior.

Always add sources and descriptors.

  • Being honest and helpful about where your content comes from will earn you major points with your fans.

Please no #tagforlikes.

  • If you’re going to use #tagsforlikes, you may as well buy a selfie stick and put on your best duck face. But don’t.

Use Ideal Frequencies.

  • SumAll has a helpful chart for the best posting frequencies for maximum engagement. Use it!

You get what you give.

  • Similar to the 80/20 rule. The amount of time and effort you put into your followers will show in engagement.

Avoid Social Churn

Infographic by SumAll.



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