DIY Outdoor Spring Maintenance

Spring DIY Outdoor Maintenance List

Repairing Fence Rails

Sometimes a cedar fence will have a rail shrink or warp and therefore come partially or completely detached from the post. The likelihood of this occurring can be greatly diminished by keeping your fence stained. However, if you do have an issue with a detached rail, you can simply install a new rail and leave the old rail in place. Sister the new rail directly above or below the existing rail and toe screw it to both posts. Then be sure to attach each of the fence boards in that section with 4 nails or screws to the new rail.

Fertilizing Your Yard

The most important thing you can do for your lawn is to feed it. A well-fed lawn is healthier and has better root system. Here are some fertilizing tips for both early and late spring.

Early Spring

Feeding your lawn in the spring stengthens roots and gets it off to a good start before hte heavy growing season. If you had crabgrass last year, apply a combination fertilizer with a pre-emergent to control it.

Late Spring

In late spring, grass is actively using up stored energy. Unfortunately, broadleaf weeds can be actively growing too. You can feed your lawn and combat the weeds at the same time with a “weed-n-feed” type fertilizer.

Spring Gardening

Keep your garden looking fresh by planting the best spring flowers and displaying htem in various ways:

  • Lilies
  • Dahlias
  • Gladiolus
  • Pottery Display
  • Hanging Display

Window Planter Display

  • Vines on Fence
  • Planter Box Display
  • Choosing Patio Covers

Install a patio cover that will create a space where you can entertain:

  • Aluminum
    Aluminum patio covers are enviornmentally friendly and have long lasting durability. You don’t need to worry about them rotting, rusting or fading.
  • Wood
    Wood pergolas provide shade once they are covered in flowers or vines. Because they are open on top they still lend on outdoorsy feel.

Window Cleaning

Use a vacuum to remove dust from window screens.

Exterior windows should be washed with a hose to remove grease and grime.

Clean windows with eitehr a paper towel, cotton cloth or squeegee.

Wash windows side to side on the inside and up to down on the outside. If there are streaks, you will know which side they are on.

Installing Lights

Add outdoor lighting for safety and to set the mood while you entertain at night:

  • Standing Lanterns
  • Floor lanterns

Deck Cleaning

Before you start, test your cleaner’s strength in a small area first. It should kill the mildrew and remove the dirt in 10 to 15 minutes. If it takes longer than 15 minutes, the mix is too weak; if it takes less than 10 minutes, hte mix is too strong.

Using a soft scrub brush, apply the oxygenated-bleach cleaner to the deck.

Once the desk is dry, sand* it using a four-head reandom-orbit sander with 80-grit paper. Make sure every exposed screw or nailhead is safely below the wood surface before sanding.

  • Sanding presure-treated wood requires taking special precautions; check the EPA guidelines.

After sanding, vacuum up all the sand dust, then apply a semitransparent stain. It is recommended to restain your deck every year.

DIY Outdoor Spring Maintenance

Infographic by Ricks’ Custom Fencing & Decking.



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