Social Network Users

Response to DM – Social network users respond to Direct Mail. Marketers need to look beyond traditional response rates when judging the full return on investment of Direct Mail; research shows significant value is delivered beyond the initial interaction.

  • 25% used a coupon
  • 9% tried a new product or service
  • 15% visited a store
  • 18% kept it for later use
  • 10% passed it on
  • 8% paid more attention to ad
  • 45% of social network users have done something as a result of the Direct Mail they’ve received.

Effective Reach – Direct Mail is an effective way of reaching those who use social networking sites. Profile of consumers who have used social networking sites in the past 12 months, by top media quintile (index).

Consumers who have used a social networking site in the past 12 months are 29% more likely than average to be heavy responders to Direct Mail. They are more likely to be heavy users of Direct Mail than to be heavy users of any other media channel.

Attitude to Mail – A special offer mailing could tempt potential customers on a tight budget. 49% I prefer to get paper bills and statements rather than access them online.

81% of social network users like receiving money-off vouchers, special offers or coupons.Social Media Users




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