Ready to Expand Your Business?

Grow your business with all of the right tools for a competitive marketplace. Targeted Merchant Solutions offers real solutions for your business.

Cash only businesses limit their profitability.

Accepting credit and debit cards increases your customer base and sales potential.

80% of U.S. Families have a credit card.

The average consumer has more than 3 credit cards.

1,013,000,000 debit, cardit and prepaid cards are currently in circulation.

90% of online purchases paid with a credit or debit card.

$3.7 trillion is spent annually at world merchant locations.

1 in 3 consumers purchases in the world were made with credit, debit and pre-paid cards.

6.3 million businesses accept $1.3 trillion of goods were purchased with Visa-branded cards (up 17% from last year)

Electronic processing will help you:

Increase sales

Receive mobile payments

Receive safer payments and reduce fraud

Limit the amount of cash in each register

Reduce the risk of burglaries and employee theft

Ready To Expand Your Business?

Infographic by Targeted Merchant Solutions



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