North Cyprus

North Cyprus

GMT +2 North Cyprus is 2 hours ahead of the UK.

North Cyprus

Cyprus is divided into two separate regions, North Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus is the south. A border runs across the island between the two.


North Cyprus is Turkish and uses Turkish Lira.

*British Pounds & Euros are widely accepted.

Weather North Cyprus Gets

340 Days of sunshine per year.

Jan – 15ºC
Feb – 17ºC
Mar – 21ºC
Apr – 24ºC
May – 26ºC
Jun – 30ºC
Jul – 32ºC
Aug – 32ºC
Sep – 27ºC
Oct – 25ºC
Nov – 23ºC
Dec – 17ºC

Top Countries Visiting North Cyprus

  • Turkey
  • Uk
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Italy

North Cyprus Can Be Accessed By 2 Airports

1. Ercan

  • Ercan Airport (ECN) is located in North Cyprus, just 25 minutes drive from Kyrenia.

2. Larnaca

  • Larnaca Airport (LCA) is located in south Cyprus with quick easy border crossing via motorways to the North.

Average Prices in North Cyprus

  • £1.50 Turkish Coffee
  • £2 Beer
  • £4 Kebab
  • £15 Car Hire
  • £90,000 Holiday Home

30+ Sandy Beaches

  • North Cyprus has over 30 unspoilt sandy beaches.
  • The most famous is the Golden Turtle Beach located in the Karpas Peninsula.

Wild Donkeys & Sea Turtles

North Cyprus is famous for wild donkeys are rare sea turtles who return every year to lay their eggs on beaches in the North.

Top 3 Must Visit Sights in North Cyprus

  • Kyrenia Harbour
  • St Hilarion Castle
  • Bellapais Monastery

Golf Holiday

  • North Cyprus has an amazing 18-hole golf course set amongst olive trees, with stunning mountain and sea views. Golf can be played all year round thanks to the warm Cyprus climate.

North Cyprus

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