Mother's Day Statistics

Mother’s Day by Littlewoods

Everything you need to know about Mother’s Day. March 18th 2012 Mothering Sunday is sometimes know as Refreshment Sunday, Pudding Pie Sunday (in Surrey, England) or Simnel Sunday due to the practice of baking Simnel cakes to celebrate the reuniting of families during the austerity of Lent.

The Royal Mail is expected to handle more than 12 million items.

What mum’s really want.

  • 52% A Cuddle
  • 26% A Card
  • 10% A personally chosen gift.
  • 9% Lots of attention
  • 8% Weekend away
  • 3% Breakfast in Bed
  • 3% Dinner in a restaurant
  • 2% Home-made dinner
  • 2% Flowers
  • 0% Chocolate

143 Countries celebrate Mother’s Day around the world.

Average number of children per mum 1.8 (down from 2.1 1971)

One Mum 64 Children

The modern world record for giving birth is held by Leanita Albina from San Antonio, Chile. Leontina claims to be mother of 64 children. She is listed in the Guiness World Records. Luckily Chile is one of the countries who celebrate Mother’s day.

Breakdown of Flowers Bought on Mother’s Day

  • 3.7 Million mixed bouquets.
  • 394,000 bunches of roses
  • 294,000 bunches of tulips
  • 293,000 bunches of freesia
  • 93,000 foliage plants

A third of flowers sold on Mother’s Day were through mobile devices.

Breakdown of Gifts

  • 90% Send a card
  • 29% being hand made
  • 84% Buy flowers as well
  • 49% Will take mum out


  • £56,250,000 spent on Mother’s Day cards with an average price paid of £2.05
  • £55,000,000 spent on chocolates with around 4 million people giving mum a box.

Mother's Day Statistics



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