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More Than Just A Name

Can our names influence our life choices?

Your name can say a lot more about you than you think. The theory of Nominative Determinism suggests that some people gravitate towards occupations, interests, and residential locations that perfectly suit their name.


Simply enough, even the letters in a name can induce one to select a career, where they live, or the candy they eat. Men are about 26% more likely to live in states resembling their names and women named Georgia are more likely to move to the state of Georgia.


It’s the idea that we’re all subconsciously attracted to things that remind us of ourselves. People are easily drawn to what their name relates to. From sales executives and CEOs to teachers or athletes, our names can shape our future.

Here Are A Few Examples…

Billionaires & CEOs

Bob Diamond – President and CEO of Barclays

Rich Ricci – CEO Of Barclays Capital

Sir Fred Goodwin – Former CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Fred Wagoneer – Former Head of General Motors

Patty Turner – Wife of McDonald’s CEO Fred Turner.

Law, Academics, & Politics

Lord Igor Judge – Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.

Chris Moneymaker – First amateur winner of the $2.5m World Series of Poker.

Sir Michael Scholar – President of St. John’s College, Oxford.

Larry Speaks – White House spokesman under Ronald Reagan.

Sir Richard Makepeace – Former British Consul-General in Jerusalem.

Sports & Athletes

Usain Bolt – World’s Fastest Runner

Prince Fielder – Baseball player, Detroit Tigers

Earl Battey – Baseball player Chicago White Sox

Svetlana Filppova – Olympic Springboard Diver

Layne Beachley – Seven-time women’s surfing world champion.

Marina Stepanova – Hurdler

Mike Spinner – BMX rider famous for his spins.

Scott Speed – Former Formula One Driver

Arsene Wenger – Manager of Arsenal Football Club

Anna Smashnova – Israel’s Top Tennis Player

A name may not determine the career we choose but it may influence which career paths we consider.

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What is a name



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