MailChimp or Constant Contact

Since email is still one of the most powerful communication tools, anyone who’s in marketing knows how email marketing can drive business growth and market reach. What better way to do it than with email automation tools – they enable you to nurture new and existing relationships with clients, in a professional, and most importantly personalized way.

When looking for the right tool for email automation, it can be confusing to choose from a great number of tools, but you can try with two most frequently used – Mailchimp and Constant Contact. They’re both around for more than a decade, constantly upgrading and improving their features. MailChimp is a smart tool with quite flexible features and Constant Contact is a more sophisticated automation tool. When it comes to pricing, MailChimp offers a free version for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month, while Constant Contact has a variety of pricing options based on number of contacts and emails being sent monthly. InsiderHub created an infographic to show you how do these to stack up against each other. Let’s see which one will come out as a champion at the end of this match!
Infographic by InsiderHub.



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