Linkin Park Hybrid Theory to The Hunting Party

Linkin Park Hybrid Theory to The Hunting Party

Over the years, the band, Linkin Park has sold countless, albums and has experimented with different styles with their music and art. We are going to break down the evolution of their music that has made one of the most successful bands.

Said to release albums more often according to band members, Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington we now look back during their debut to their success, from Hybrid Theory to The Hunting Party.

Hybrid Theory – Reanimation

The bands first album; Hybrid Theory was released on the 24th OCtober, 2000. Linkin Park recruited CHester Bennington because of his style the album contains a lot of alternative rock songs that relates to each of the bands members’ lives.

Later REANIMATION was released it is dubbed as a remix album of their previous tracks and collaborations.

METEORA / Side Projects

Following their albums success. The band began to work on new materials. While on tour, the band madeĀ METEORA. It features a mix of their nu metal and rapcore styles with new instruments in the mix. In 2003, the band did side projects such as albums like Live IN Texas, Collosion Course, Fort Minor and Dead by Sunrise. It is the same as the many previous albums but it is live recorded and features reappers like Jay-Z.

Minutes to Midnight – A Thousand Suns

The band returned in 2006 working on their new album. MInutes to Midnight. Instead of hte nu rock genre, Linkin Park music is more pop rock unlike the others, due to Chester’s health. A bit later, the band released A Thousand Suns. It was clear that this album was genre busting album these two albums bring out Linkin Park storytelling skills. Several of their singles were included in many movies such as Transformers.

Living Things / Recharged

Linkin park continued to experiment with their music. On their release of Living Things. Mike Shinoda, the rapper of the band quoted that it was blow the fans away. THe album focuses more to people and more to personal interactions some of their songs are more to the EDM side. It was more pop rather than rock. In RECHARGED, the band does anotehr remix album. It was more to the Electronic side and it includes collaborations.

The Hunting Party / Present.

On May 2013, Mike Shinoda said they will release a new album. The Hunting Party. TheĀ album was inspired by an article Mike read saying how the youths of Japan have become herbivores, meaning lazy and not out and about because of that, their culture is slowly losing itself lacking of carnivores. Mike relates that to Rock music and finds it to be relative. The album is said to be more like 90s Hardcore-Punk-Thrash and said to not be like a drawback, it is explained to be the rock but new.

After 14 years of missing out on opportunities to see Linkin Park live including the set at Milton Keynes I was able to see them in Manchester last week.

Linkin Park Hybrid Theory to The Hunting Party



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