Life Insurance Breakdown

93% of Americans believe that life insurance is a necessity.

3 out of 10 households are uninsured.

That means 35,000,000 families don’t have the coverage that they need.

2/3 of Americans believe that having insurance provides peace of mind.

Why Buy Now?

A. Needs change throughout life.

  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Home
  • Inheritance

B. Rates

  • Rates increase with age, health and other factors.
  • Smoker rates increase by around 20% or more.

What Do You Want To Cover?

A. Funneral Costs

The Average funeral can cost $20,000. Plus, will your family be able to cover these expenses? Or will they need help?

B. Income of Deceased

7 out of 10 families are dependent on 2 incomes.

40% say they would have trouble covering immediate day to day expenses following the deaht of a spouse.

10x Recommended coverage is ten times gross income.

Take Needs & Reasons for wanting coverage (funeral costs / income) to determine amount and type of policy desired.

A Term

Supplies coverage for a specific amount of time, often 5 – 30 years.

Lower Premium / Larger Face Value – there is no cash value, this is strictkly an insurance policy.

Premiums won’t change during the original term of the policy.

B Whole Life

Offers coverage for your whole life.

Bigger Payment / Growing Investment

You can access cash through loans or withdrawals.

Premiums can increase over time.




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