It’s Sports Job Madness

The Super Bowl gets all the glory and buzz, but March Madness is something special unto itself. From the opening games on Thursday to the final chorus of ‘One Shining Moment’ there is nothing in sports like the Madness.

College Jobs Posted

College sports jobs posted on in 2013 (2409)

730 man hours The Scenic Services department at Turner Studios logged working on NCAA sets.

Over 1500 people work at AT&T stadium – site of this year’s National Championship game – for each game day

Over 125 people work around the clock for the first two days of the tourney at the CBS broadcast center in New York City.

52 Teams Outfitted by Nike in 2013 Tourney

1,345 Nike jobs posted on last year

2013 Post Season Advertising Revenue

NFL: $976 million

NBA: $537 million

MLB: $354 million

Cost of a 30 second ad

1st & 2nd Roads: $250,000

3rd Round: $350,000

Sweet sixteen: $500,000

Elite Eight: $800,000

Final Four: $1.1 million

Championship Game: $1.6 million

134 The first two days of March Madness will costs businesses $134 million in lost productivity

3 An estimated 3 million employees will spend three hours watching the game while at work.

#JobMadness and while we can all agree stats like these are cool – you are probably more interested in something that can impact your life.

If you’re interested in furthering your sports career, not just searching for one, we’re your ticket to success!

Sports Job Madness



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