Horoscope 2013

Horoscope 2013

Past, Present, Future – An end marks the start of yet another; a factual. Everyone knows what’s going to end, but not what is waiting to come?

Like any other map showing the position of places, a Horoscope is a map in two dimensions that shows the position of hte planets. Sun and the Moon while you were born. In short, a Horoscope can be said as a Heaven’s Map. Zodiac signs are fixed based on the Horoscope and the signs then play the role of predicting the future of a person.

Zodiac Sign Stats of the people Of United States

  • Capiron – 0.083%
  • Sagittarius – 0.073%
  • Scorpio – 0.094%
  • Libra – 0.087%
  • Virgo – 0.093%
  • Leo – 0.071%
  • Cancer – 0.084%
  • Gemini – 0.092%
  • Taurus – 0.083%
  • Aries – 0.081%
  • Pisces – 0.090%
  • Aquarius – 0.063%

Is Astrology a Myth?

“33% of people in the United States trust a Astrology”

To predict future people read horoscopes.

  • Once Every Month 40%
  • More than once a month – 20%
  • Once every week – 10%
  • More than once a week – 15%
  • Almost all days – 5%
  • One time every year – 10%

The Horoscope of 2013

Aries – For Aries 2013 would be a period of “time of lightness”. You are en route to help your family and others feel uplifted along with getting most of your burdens go away from you.

Taurs – Last year, Taurus was being isolated from others. Things would change a lot during 2013 where your shining self would attract others and you would not be isolated anymore.

Gemini – Almost all Geminis would hae noticed the exponential amount of energy that they have within. The energy is not going to reduce a bit during 2013 and the good news is that you would be able to focus the energy onto something great during the next year.

Cancer – You would start sharing your emotions and then you would make others feel that they are not alone. You would also see that others have been waiting for your share of hte inward feelings.

Leo – If you are a Leo, get prepared to welcome a much interesting New Year. The great news is that you have already done everything to welcome the interesting New Year and all you have to do now is to enjoy the outcome.

Virgo – Though you have felt lost during the last few months of 2012, things are about to settle down and you would be back on track this New Year. 2013 will show you how special you are and you would know the real purpose of your life on Earth during 2013.

Libra – 2013 is a time of upheaval for Libra. You would be confident that you have everything figured out but 2013 would prove otherwise. Your life would change based on how you respond to the situation calls.

Scorpio – You were in a self-imposed cave during 2012. When 2013 unfolds, you would like to break out of that cave. But remember, this is a period of rest for you. Before you move deep into 2013, you need to recoup your losses of 2012.

Sagittarius – You certainly have spent lot of your energy in the last few years and the time has come.

Capricorn – Capricorn will continue to have the trend you had in 2012. You are already in the path of bliss and quiet certainty of life.

Aquarius – Though your world might have been rocked at the end of 2012, Aquarius, you need to know that it’s all been for a good reason. 2013 is going to show you that reason.

Pisces – While you might have been worried about being alone, Pisces, 2013 shows you that people have been waiting for you to find them.

It is a world of two sides. Good or bad, like or dislike, valid or invalid, happiness or unhappiness. It’s all about what you take. Likewise, Horoscope is a warm and infinitely reassuring fillip that gets matters off to a spirited start when looked with faith or just a dark path for unfaith ones.
Horoscope 2013



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