Health Benefits of Bacon

Health Benefits of Bacon

The top secret, shocking, finger-licking, kitten-tickling, potentially life-saving health benefits of Bacon.

Bacon is an easy target for health nuts, but could it be that this beloved fork product is actually good for you? All signs point to “sure, why not?”

A recent study found that pregnat women can boost their intelligence of their unborn children by eating bacon and eggs. That’s because those foods are good source of a nutrient called choline that aids in the development of a baby’s memory. Choline can also help protect against heart problems and premature births.

One of the knocks against bacon has been that it contains nitrates and nitrites, compounds that are used to preserve meat but may cause cancer over time. However, the nitrite byproducts that actually cause cancer, known as nitrosamines, are found only in overcooked bacon.

Incidentially, bacon cooked in the microwave has less nitrosamine than fried bacon.

Still worried about bacon cancer? Vitamins C, D and E in habit the conversion of nitrites into nitrosamines in the stomach.

45% of the fat in bacon is monounsaturated, the good-for-you fat that can help lower bad cholesterol levels. Bacon’s monounsaturated fat is oleic acid, the same “healthy” fat found in Olive oil.

Eating bacon can help lose weight!

One study found that women who added bacon to their breakfast felt less hunger until lunchtime than those who had no protein. All the participants in the study lost about the same amount of weight, but the group eating more protein retained more lean muscle, which increases metabolism.

Low-carb/high-protein diets like the Atkins diet are much-malgned, but some long-term studies have found that such diets are not only effective at weight loss, but they also have more beneficial impact on cholesterol and blood sugar than conventional diets. Granted there are studies that have found otherwise, so which should you believe? We choose the more delicious one.

Pigs are now being fed grains that boost their levels of omega-3 fatty acids, usually found in fish, which can lower your risk of heart attack lower your cholesterol, reduce inflammation and improve circulation?

Produced in the cooking process at TMI Foods in Northampton, England is being used to create an environmentally safe and low polluting bio-diesel for use as an alternative fuel.

Bacon, it turns out, could save the world!

Health Benefits of Bacon



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