Mobile Phones Are Hazardous

Hazardous Facts About Your Mobile Phone, Lets Keep Things Green!

How does a mobile damage the environment? By dumping our old mobile phones in landfill sites instead of recycling or disposing of them in a proper manner, we are building up a huge collection of electronic waste, or e-waste.

£2.7 BILLION worth of mobile phones are in Great Britains cupboards and drawers.

40% of people in the Uk have never recycled a phone.

27% of people have never even considered it…

Handset Replacement Cycle in Months

The US has the shortest handset replacement cycle (21 months), while India and Brazil have the longest.

  • 21 – United States
  • 22 – United Kingdom
  • 30 – France
  • 46 – Japan
  • 51 – Italy
  • 76 – Israel
  • 80 – Brazil
  • 93 – India

Recipe for danger: What’s inside your mobile?

These are the ingredients in your mobile phone and battery that impact the environment negatively, when they are not disposed of correctly.

Cadmium – banned for use in electronics by the European Union in 2004. Dangerous if inhaled or ingested, some cases of inhaling will lead to metal fume fever, and this could result in death.

Lead – Dangerous to animals and human nervous systems and causes brain disorders.

Coltan – Causes mass erosion of the land bringing pollution to lakes and rivers as well as reducing the population of the Eastern Mountain Gorilla.

Beryllium – Hazards include toxic poisoning, tissue corrosion of plants and cause of life threatening disease called Beryliosis.

Mercury – Mercury poisoning can result in several diseases, including Acrodynia, Hunter-Russel syndrome, and Minamata disease.

So what could a single mobile phone and battery do??

A single battery made with cadmium is like a pollution missile. to put this seemingly off the cuff statement into a horrific fact:

One single phone cadmium battery can poolute 1 million pints of water. A year’s worth of batteries could pollute 80 billion swimming pools.

Where unused phones can go when recycled!!

  • 40 million unused phones in the UK worth £762 million.
  • The majority are sold to worldwide emerging economic markets.
  • Indian & Chinese factories break down the essential phone materials to recycle.
  • Some companies refurbish the good phones and sell them back to insurance channels and other UK market places.

Mobile Phones Are Hazardous

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