Growth of Drupal Modules

Growth of Drupal Modules

I’m not a fan of Drupal and with it being Christmas and I’m a scourge but for those that are interested in Drupal and choose Drupal over WordPress this infographic submitted by Duo Consultancy looks at the growth of Drupal modules.

Can’t really do much with this infographic, I’m not a fan of Drupal as previously mentioned and the content within the infographic doesn’t really tell a story and since Duo Consultancy haven’t told it I can’t do much with it. However what I do know is that developers are looking at Drupal as an alternative to WordPress and that over the past few years and this is clear by the increase of Drupal modules.

This is how not to commission an infographic.

Growth of Drupal Modules

Infographic by Duo Consultancy.



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