Google Penalties

Google Penalty Identification and Removal Tips

How do you avoid your SEO strategy being penalised by Google’s algorithm updates?

We’ll show you.

First, let us clarify. What’s the difference between algorithmic and manual penalities?

Algorithmic Penalities are imposed when Google releases an update to their algorithm that affects your website.

  • These penaltes do not require a reconsideration request to be revoked.
  • Alogrithmic penalties cannot be verified by Google Webmaster Tools. Instead, you have to analyse traffic drops to your website and match them up to the penalty.

Manual Penalties

  • These panalties can be handed out (or revoked) by a member of the Google web spam team at any time.
  • These panalties require a reconsideration request to be revoked.
  • Manual penalties can be checked by visting the ‘Manual actions’ tab in your Google Webmaster tools account.

What did Panda Impact?

  • Low Quality / ‘Think’ Websites
  • Sites with large amounts of advertising
  • Duplicate content
  • Sites providing a poor user experience

Tips For Avoiding Google Panda

  • Ensure you’re only writing high quality content which brings additional value to the web.
  • Read Google’s guidelines on ‘building high quality sites’ and ensure you tick all the boxes.
  • Check for spelling, stylistic and factual errors in your content.

What did Penguin Impact?

  • Exact match anchor text for “money keywords”
  • Content Spam
  • Article marketing websites
  • Links from dangerous wesites (malware / spam)
  • Websites trying to manipulate the algorithm.

Tips for avoiding Google Penguin

  • Remove as many unnatural links as possible.
  • Fix on-site issues such as low quality (possibly spun or duplicate) content, site structure, cloaking ect ect.

Google Penalties



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