Get the Dirt on Carpet Cleaning

Words of mouth spreads quickly… especially with the rise of ratings websites such as Yelp. What do people focus the most on when reviewing a carpet cleaning service?

400,000 people visit the carpet cleaning category per month on yelp.

The Good Reviews

  • 97% of customers mention job quality in their reviews
  • 52% praise customer service or friendliness
  • 47% mention affordability
  • 26% of customers appreciate punctuality

The Bad Reviews

  • 61% Complain about poor job quality
  • 50% Complain about unfriendly customer service
  • 34% Complain about company honesty
  • 23% Complain about company care
  • 21% Complain about punctuality

The Moral

Customer Service… They tried to upsell by telling me how bad everything in my house looked and smelled currently, implying that it could all look and smell so much better if I paid them more money. It’s never a good idea to insult your customers.

Moral: Carpet cleaners should treat their customers as king, instead of insult them.

Punctuality… Robby arrived at my old place within the one-hour window he provided me and gave me a courtesy call about 20 minutes before arriving.

Moral: Simple things like arriving on time make the process more efficient and enjoyable.

Job Quality… Our carpet had many deep black spots mostly in high traffic areas and stains of spilled food and drinks due to 2 years of extensive use, partying and drinking. So it was in pretty bad shape and screamed for attention. The results was utterly MAGIC!!! The carpet looked all new and healthy, with all spots vanished. I am beyond words to show how happy I am!

Moral: Actions speak louder than words. Make sure your carpet cleaner can deliver what they sell!

Carpet Cleaning

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