Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Improving Your Home and Health

87 percent of American homeowners don’t know that pollution may be worse inside their homes than outside. In fact, indoor air quality is one of the EPA’s top five environmental risks to public health.

Do Your Home’s Ducts Need Cleaning? It may be time if:

  • Anyone in the house has allergies or asthma.
  • You smell “musty” or “stale” odors when the furnace runs.
  • Your notice dust on your furniture shortly after cleaning.
  • You have dogs, cats or other pets.
  • Your furnace uses a throw-away filter.

Air Quality & Your Health

  • Dust, Dirt, Pollen, and Animal Dander are pulled into your air duct system…
  • Creating a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, fungus and mildew
  • These contaminants circulate whenever the furnace turns on.
  • Cleaning hte entire air duct system eliminates pollutants.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

  • Reduces dust allergens
  • Heating and cooling appliances perform better for longer
  • Improves occupant health
  • Reduces your electricity bill.

How Duct Cleaning Works

  1. Your duct system is inspected
  2. 8″ hose and pipe combination is connected from Sani-vac truct to furnance
  3. All the vents in the building are covered
  4. The duct system is vacuumed pulling all debris into the truck
  5. Each vent is flushed with compressed air
  6. All accessible parts of your duct system are cleaned
  7. All equipment is removed and vents are uncovered.

Our System By The Numbers

15,000 Cubic Feet Per Minute:

The suction our Sani-vac trucks produces

180 pounds per square inch:

The pressure of the compressed air we use to flush each vent.

Air Quality Stats and Facts

  • The average American breathes 3,400 gallons of air each day.
  • Indoor air pollution affects urban and rural homes alike
  • 65% of elementary-age asthma cases could be prevented by controlling indoor allergens and tobacco smoke.
  • Fungi and bacteria in air duct systems provoke 1 in 6 allergies
  • Indoor air is 70% more polluted than outdoor air.
  • People spend 60 – 90% of their time indoors.
  • Poor air quality causes an estimated $1 billion in medical costs, and $60 billion in employee sick leave and lost production.

Duct Cleaning

Infographic by AAA Heating & Cooling.



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