Death Star Facts

Star Wars Death Star Facts

Introduction: The Galactic Empire was an authoritarian government that used fear to rule the galaxy. To maintain order and control. The Empire built a series of Death Stars, moon-sized battle stations with lasers that could destroy the planets.

Throughout the Star Wars films, two Death Stars are built. The first is completed and later destroyed. The second is under construction when it’s blown up.

Death Star Overviews

Death Star Surface – The surface of the Death Star is covered with thousands of buildings, so it looks like a masssive city.

Death Star Eye – It’s a massive lens built around focusing crystals.

Death Star Superlaser – The superlaser is the Death Star’s main weapons; it gets its power from the reactor core. The Superlaser has destroyed two planets. Despayre and Alderaan. It takes 168 gunners to operate the laser, and since the laser itself is defenseless, military support is required to keep it safe.

Death Star Mooring Towers – These towers dock large capital ships, like Star Destroyers. Emperor Papatine would also use them as his command centers.

Death Star Hypermatter Reactor ore – The reactor, the heart of the Dearth Star, creates enormous amounts of energy. It powers the Superlaser and the engines that propel the Death Star.

Death Star Lasers – Eight separate tributary laser beams surround the Eye and intersect at the nexus to form the Superlaser’s powerful beam. There are four backup lasers, and each laser can be angled.

Death Star Midhemisphere Trenches – There are two of these suplemental trenches, which are used for maintenance and reactor ventilation.

Death Star Thermal Exhaust Port – This port, which extends from the reactor at the heart of the Death Star to its surface allows for excess heat from the ractor to be released. However, it is also a design flaw since any shots or explosions in the port could cause the entire Death Star to explode.

Death Star Equatorial Trench – This trench is used to house many of the Death Star’s main systems: landing bays, drive thrusters and tractor beam systems.

Inside the Death Star

The Death Star contains thousands of different places:

  • Death Star Conference Room
    This room was located in the first Death Star’s overbridge. It’s where the Glactic Empire’s military officials and politicians could meet.
  • Fire Control Room
    This area, located in the Theta Sector is where the Imperial gunners would operate the Superlaser.
  • Garbage Compactor 3263827
    Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca were trapped here before R2-D2 saved them.
  • Docking Bay 327
    This docking bay would house the ships that were pulled in by tractor beams. It is where the Millennium Falcon docked on the first Death Star.
  • Cell 2187
    This detention cell, located in Detention Block AA-23, is where Princess Leia Organa was held before she was rescued.
  • Sauna
    There was even a sauna on the Death Star. Military members could go there to relax.

Death Star Crew

  • 52,276 Gunners
  • 25,984 Stormtroopers
  • 167,216 pilots and support crew
  • 265,675 Crew in total
  • 607,360 Troops
  • 42,782 Ship Support Staff

Death Star Military Vehicles & Ships

The death star also carries a number of vehicles:

  • 7,200 starfighters
  • 3,600 assault shuttles
  • 1,400 AT-STs
  • 4 Stike Cruisers
  • 1,400 AT-ATs
  • 1,860 drop ships

Death Star Weapons

Besides the superlaser, the Death Star is equipped with thousands of weapons

  • Turbolaser 10,000
  • Laser Cannon 2,500
  • Ion Cannon 2,500
  • Tractor Beam 768

Amazing Facts About The Death Star

Size Comparison – Although the Death Star seems huge, it’s tiny in compared to the Moon and almost invisible if compared to the Earth’s size:

  • Earth Diameter: 7317.51 miles
  • Death Star’s Diameter: 99.4 miles or 160km
  • Moons Diameter: 2159.14 miles

How much it would cost to build the Death Star (2008 prices adjusted for 2011 inflation)

  • 134 Quadrillion tones of Steel = $13.25 quintillion
  • Transport = $13.08 septillion
  • 823 quintillion cubic meters of nitrogen = $2.87 septillion
  • 1.65 quintillion cubic meters of oxygen = $217.32 quintillion

The Death Star would cost approximately $15.96 septillion and that doesn’t include anything inside the Death Star. Like the Superlaser, computers, furniture, food, ect.)

Death Star Facts

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