Cats4Gold The Facts

This should be an interesting infographic, I should state I hate cats so and if there is gold invovled, Thornton Heath’s cat population may suddenly dwindle.

Why do people prefer cats to gold?

Let’s face it – gold is just an over-hyped yellow metal. It might be shiny, but in entertainment terms, it is dull. – WRONG! Liquidise the gold to build a media centre.

But cats – WOW!

I should state there is nothing “WOW!” about sneezing around cats. Switch your investment to felines and you’ve got high interest right from the start. Not to mention fur on your cusions, paw prints on your nice lcean floor and occasionally, something unmentionable in yoru shoe.

Let’s look at some top cat facts and see how they beat gold paws-down:

1. Puss Payback

You think gold gives a high rate of return? One pair of cats and their kittens can produce up to 420,000 kittens in just 7 years!

2. Special-eyed investment

When it’s dark, it’s difficult to see your gold. Unless you’re a cat. Cats can see in only 1/6th the amount of light that humans require. Brilliant!

3. Rapid Return

Once you’ve got gold, it just sits there. but a cat can run up to 30mph, especially if it knows there are prawns in its food bowl. How can it do it? A cat’s heart beats twice as fast as a human heart, at 110 to 140 beats per minute.

4. Low risk

But cats are also good at conserving their energy. They spend around 16 hours a day sleeping. So a seven year old cat has been awake for just two years of its life.

5. Sensational

How alert is your gold? If you poke it, does it so much as stir? Nah! On the other hand, cats have incredibly finely tuned sense. Their hearing is three times mre acute than humans, and their senses of smell 13 times stronger. Gold only has a strong smell if you wrap it in a very old cheese…

6. Long Term

And finally, if you think gold and diamonds are forever, than cats are almost forever. They’re one of the oldest mammals on the eart. Fossil remains of African wild cats have been found dating from as far back as thirty eight million years ago. That’s older than a lot of old gold!

Investment Advice: Please remember that cats can go down as well as up. Your cat is at risk if you do not keep its meals delivered on a regular basis. Your cat may also come with hidden fleas.

Cats4Gold The Facts

I’d like to thank for this great infographic and the residents of Thornton Heath can rest assured their cats are safe.



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