Best iPhone Apps for Halloween

As it’s Halloween thought it’d be appropiate to display this Halloween infographic I found online. The best iPhone apps for Halloween including; Pulverizer, Zombie Smash, Plants vs Zombies, iMut8r, Scary Prank.

1. Pulverizer

Just in time for Halloween, Pulverizer has arrived to help you smash pumpkins without getting caught or having to clean up the mess.

Simply take the photo-altering app, snap a shot of your neighbor’s jack-o-lantern, and use the various weapons to pulverize it to pieces.

you can also give your friends or enemies a custom face-smashing via a chainsaw, machine gun, or other W.M.D.

2. Zombie Smash

Zombie Smash is a cartoonish, bloody zombie battle for those who want a serious thumb workout. With splattering zombie fluids and top-notch graphics this is a great app for those who need practice flicking boogers off their fingers.

3. Plants vs. Zombies

P.V.Z is an app that proposes an eco-friendly way to kill zombies. Why slash zombies with knives and guns when you can grow pea-shooting plants that pop zombies to the ground? Throw in some sunflowers and smiley sunshine and you have Sesame Street meets Day of the Dead.

4. iMut8r

Can’t affod a Halloween custom this year? No problem, download iMut8r, take a self-portrait and turn yourself into a ghoulish zombie. This app has all kinds of features for turning pics of the living into the undead (oxymoron?). After you’re done mutilating your face, save the pic and send it to your friends.

5. Scary Prank

That old prank that has scared the bejeesus outof so many people on YouTube is available in app form, so you can do it again to the unsuspecting person who probably just finished therapy to recuperate from the YouTube incident. My fav feature about this app is even if you turn the volume on your phoe down the app cranks it up right before the scary face invades your iPhone.

6. Dead Runner

Apparently running when you’re dead is a lot harder than it looks. this first person app puts you in the driver’s seat of a zombie running through a froggy forest, trying to doge trees at full speed. The eerie, music and detaild graphics make this app more intence. Never mind the dragging zombies of the 1950s, this zombie hauls ass!

7. Soul

if you download and play this app, the people watching you play it will assume that you’re possessed or insane.

Soul requires you to maneuver the glowing spirit globe of a fresh corpse out of a labyrinth hospital. The maze has every turn imaginable and to find your way out, you have to tilt and move your smartphone like you were driving through the Rocky Moutains. It takes little bit to get the hang of it, but if you can master Soul then you truly have the powers of the dead!


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