A Day in the Digital Life

Always Connected – A Day in the Digital Life

Waking up – I’ve got a full day of staring at glowing rectangles ahead of me! Better get started…
Fact: 35% of smartphone users boot up apps before getting out of bed.

Eating Breakfast – Breaking news Brian Williams to be replaced by IBM’s Watson as anchor of the NBC Nightly News.
Fact: 10% More people get their news from a computer than a paper.

Driving – Hello, Junior? It’s father. I just called to make sure you weren’t texting while driving. Not very good. Carry on, Son.
Fact: 3 of 4 Young people have talked on the phone whilst driving.

At Work – My research has lead me to believe either a hacker or a witch is tampering with my OkCupid profile. There’s just no other explanation for the lack of relies.
Fact: 51% of people do online research as part of their job.

Meanwhile, On campus… I wonder why Angelica doesn’t want to share notes on Facebook? Is it becuaes all of my notes are thinly veiled threats against her boyfriend?
Fact: 70% of students take class notes using computers.

Students cycle through 65 windows per lecture, 2/3 of which are ‘DISTRACTIVE

Messing Around – You better hide your kids. Hide your wife. Hide everything you uown because I can see through this screen.
Fact: 25% of workers watch news clips from work.
Fact: 15% watch viral videos.
Fact: 4% Watch Full-Length Movies
Fact: 3% Watch Porn
Fact: 9% Watch sports clips

Bathroom Break – Live tweeting my trips to the bathroom. #Best #Idea #Ever
Fact: 40% people use their phones while in the bathroom.

Chatting – Want to hang out by the water cooler after work? Maybe another time. I’m hanging out with someone at the water cooler right now.
Fact: 50% of Americans prefer communicating digitally to face to face conversation.

Back at work: I’m watching Hulu on my top laptop and the NBA finals on TV, all while carrying on 6 chat convos…

Hold everything! A merchant has just emailed me regarding an incredible deal on pharmaceuticals!
Fact: 60% of TV viewers use a computer at the same time.

In Bed – No woman could ever treat me like you do. Smart-phone..
Fact: 95% of people have used an electronic device in the hour before bed time a few nights a week – An activity that can disturb sleep cycles.

Fact: 83% of young people sleep next to their cell phones.

A Day in the Digital Life

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