UK Teenage Slang

A Dictionary of Teenage Slang

Does your child’s lingo leave you LOST? Are you utterly stumped by STREET TALK? Fear no more. Go from FLUSTERED FUDDY-DUDDY to WISED-UP WORDSMITH with our…

Dictionary of Teenage Slanguage

Bare adv.

  1. Lots of.
  2. Exceedingly, very. Not to be confused with the more common defindition: without clothing.
    – He’s got bare cash; He’s bare lush; I saw bare grills in B&Q; My oven has bare grills inside. (note: it’s advised never to accidentally keep adventurers in any cooking appliances) Bare!

Blates adj.

  1. Totally, utterly. Derived from blatantly. Rendered ‘blatez’ for addtional emphasis. Far more common in public school parlance than anywhere under the threat of postcode war.

Cray adj.

  1. Wild, mad, or unbelievable; derived from crazy. Populised in 2011 by American rappers Messrs. West and Z.
    N.B. – Not to be confused with the variety of freshwater crustacean… especially if the cray is particularly cray!

Dench adj.

  1. Remarkably good or pleas-ant; see also sick. Coined by UK rapper Lethal Bizzle, in homage to dame Judi, who since receiving her title has gradually gone back to her urban roots. There are whisperings of a collaboration in the near future, though it is unlikely that the output will be particularly dench.

Fail n.

  1. An attempt at an activity with a complete, and often humorous, lack of success. Ofterned rendered #fail.
  2. An event with an undesired outcome.
    – Last night was such a fail;
    Last night #fail. Precede your fail with the word ‘epic’ for increased impact and youtube hits. #Fail

Jokes adj.

  1. Highly amusing or entertaining.
    Depisite masquerading as a conjugated verb or pluralised noun this is to in most cases be treated as an adjective.
    – That is so jokes; Your dad’s hair is jokes; your jokes are so jokes!

man dem n.

  1. A male, often a friend or acquaintance. Of Caribbean origin, roughly translates as ‘that chap yonder’ or ‘those fellows there’. Increasingly used in reference to female youths, perhaps as a linguistic experiment. Used so eloquently in Jessie J’s hit ‘Do it like a dude’, though that has probably confused matters.

Sick adj.

  1. Exceptionally exciting or good. May follow the qualifier sooo, and often appears alongside mate or variant blud.
    N.B. – If your teenager exhibits a greenish pallor when emplying this term, you may need to heed its more traditional definition.

Swag n.

  1. {mass noun} a distinctive or striking style (used in apprecation of a person’s appearance).
  2. A certain confidence or self assurance.
    Follows unusual conjugations of the verb “to have”
    – Damnnnnn he got swagggg

Tidy adj.

  1. Well-pleasing.
  2. (preceded by bang).
    Very attractive.
  3. Neat and orderly in appearance – ‘The cleaner left our house looking well tidy this morning’ could be an example of definition 2 or 3.
    N.B. – Defintiion 3 is not widely recognised by ages twelve through eighteen.

Yolo abbr.

  1. ‘You Only Live Once’ Often rendered #yolo. Popular life philosphy adopted by errant youths to excuse all kinds of tomfoolery. Indistinguishable from 2000-year-old carpe diem, with exception of hashtag.

Now that you are well versed in teen talk, you may be more curious as to what grandpa is muttering. Our next dictionary of common speech is coming very soon…

UK Teenage Slang

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