A Breif History of Web Standards

A Brief History of Web Standards

Oh, how the web has grown up. It’s hard to believe what began as couple of computers communicating through phone lines now forms the foundation for our jobs and allows even our mothers to be bloggers.

But none of this would be possible without The Web Standards Project fighting to persuade browser makers to support common standards. Please enjoy this look at the past, present and future of Web Standards, and feel free to share it or have your mother blog about it. Even if she still uses IE6.

1962 Eurostile, released in 1962. Arpanet established, lays out network that will eventually be called the internet.

Computers have 24KB of memory.

1965 Impact, released in 1965. Ted Netson coins terms “hypertext” to describe “nonsequential writing-text that brenahces and allows choice to the reader, bet read at an interactive screen.”

1972 ITF Avant Garde released in 1970 first publish demo of the internet.

1978 ITC Garamond released in 1975. Jobs and Woz take Apple public, launching the PC revolution.

1981 Anal released in 1982. Domain name server (DNS) system developed, eventually making the world safe for apple.com, amazon.com and microsoft.com

1982 The first smiley emotion is invented.

1984 Papyus, released in 1983. Apple Macintosh ushers in “desktop publishing” empowering citizens to become designers with mixed, but sometimes wonderful, result.

1989 Traja, released in 1989. Tim Bray and others co-found Open Text, the first internet search engine.

Wingdings, released in 1990. In 19980, Tim Berners-Lee, a young scientist at CERN, invents the World Wide Web, rooting the idea in hypertext. Berners-Lee also develops a “web browser” on his NeXT machine.

1993 georgia, designed in 1993 – Marc Andeeson and Eric Bina invent a point-and-click graphic browser for the web. It is called Mosaic.

Check out the infographic below by Vitamin T for more recent history of web standards.

A Brief History of Web Standards



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