2016 Wearable Technology Trends

Now I have the Blackberry PRIV which runs on Android courtesy of Christmas present from my father my life has been opened up to more opportunities where as before with the OS10 I was very very limited! Wearable technology is set to be huge in 2016 and here is a list of headphones, watches and bracelets to look out for.
Apple Watch

Smart enough to replace your desktop – and maybe even your boss – the Apple Watch is also your very own wellbeing studio. Its many compatible apps can remind you to drink more water, stand up more and map your run or bike ride. A fan of HIIT circuits? Tell Siri to set your timer to chosen workout length and a stopwatch appears.

Jawbone UP3

If you are working out and eating well but still struggling with low energy then – like Gwyneth Paltrow – you will be wedded to your Jawbone 24/7. It ticks the tracking basics (steps, calorie burn) but also vibrates an idle alert if you’ve been sitting too long, provides in-depth sleep analysis and wakes you at opportune moment in your natural sleep cycle so you get up feeling refreshed.

Sony Smart B-Trainer
These wireless headphones are a self-contained GPS fitness tracker, MP3 plyer, heart trate monitor and running coach, with no phone or watch required. The in-ear personal trainer tells you when to speed up or slow down to reah your goals and automatically matches your playlist tempo to suit your optimum speed.

Garmin Viviactive

It’s not exactly wrist candy, but there’s no denying this watch’s sporting prowess. Whatever your workout – running, cycling, golf or swimming (it’s waterpoof!) – the GPS functionality tracks your efforts, recording speed, time, distance, strokes and laps in detail. Tiathletes will love it.

Adidas Micoach Smart Run

If you like to run to music but can’t find a pocket in your Sweaty Betty leggings big enough to stash your giant iPhone 6, this self-contained gadget boasts bona fide tracking and coaching functions – GPS-based route, speed, distance and running cadence alongside real-time cardio coaching – and an MP3 music player. All you need are Bluetooth headphones for the ultimate streamlined sweat session.

Fitbit Charge

A straightforward tracker for those who simply want to move more. Easy to set up and relatively inconspicuous, it covers the basic metrics – steps, distance, heart rate, calorie burn – as well as (less common) levels climbed. It lets you set goals such as daily steps, charts your progress on the go and syncs your hard work to the Fitbit app.

Huawei Watch Classic

An Android smartwatch with a Swiss luxe aesthetic that sold out in Selfridges within four hours of being launched this year (the ad campaign featuring Karlie Kloss shot by Mario Testino didn’t hurt). Swipe the screen and it can be used as a smart fitness tracker – logging steps, calorie burn and heart rate – that can also hold your favourite fitness apps, including Jawbone’s UP wellbeing app.

With wearable technology set to be the top fitness trend of 2016 and annual sales predicted to hit 135 million by 2019, the only question to ask is – what are you wearing?

Wearable Technology Infographic

Wearable Technology

Infographic by Victoria Joy.



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