Ten Ways to Save Money Using Technology

10 Ways to Save Money Using Technology

Skype, make free phone calls using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software like Skype, Spreecast and Google Voice.

Text for Free with TextFree a mobile app from Pinger. Also WhatsApp allows ou to chat for free. Why spend x amount of dollars on texting from your cell phone provider when with an app you can text and chat for free. Note: No texting while driving for your own safety.

Fring, another mobile app which gives you the ability to make video conference calls from just about anywhere at no cost.

Install Compact Fluorescent Lights. You will use up to 35% less energy, and each bulb lasts 10x longer than other bulbs. A great investment. Save energy = save money.

Tether, cheap or free wireless hardware for your smartphone. Many wireless providers will charge you almost $150 for the hardware to have a mobile wireless hotspot and almost another $60 each and every month. Tether is a one time payment of $50. Make that money back instantly.

Read for free. Use Stanza, WattPad and other free apps which allow readers to read from hundreds of thousands of books and periodicals instead of paying $5 – $15 dollars per eBook from places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Pandora Radio, free mobile app that allows you to create your own music stations, synchronized with your phone aduio system for free music. The average cost for a single Music CD ranges from $10 – $12 per ten stations created on Pandora for 10 artists, free. Cost to buy those 10 CD’s $120.

Computers save, Carticipate is a mobile app and social media community of commuters who can save money by meeting others in their area looking to commute to a similar location. Cutting gas costs in half, as you now share the ride into work.

Gas Buddy app allows to find the cheapest gas prices per gallon in your given location. Whether at home or on the road for business. Knowing is saving.

Parker, a mobile app that will help you find nearby parking vacancies, free or not. So you won’t have to spend more than you want on parking meters, or parking lots.

Ten Ways to Save Money Using Technology




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