VistaPrint is rubbish, Stop trying to save money!

Remember in one of my last posts about the factors to consider when buying a domain name and I mention I was working with a plumber who registered his domain name with VistaPrint and that VistaPrint were the named drivers on his domain name until he bought it out?

Well this month we done a full scale attack on his SEO strategy getting his website away from the dreaded VistaPrint and placed directly on a self-hosted WordPress site and BOOM! As suspected his website is cruising nicely on Google going from now where to somewhere.

Most tradesman will tell you that seo is a scam, when in reality it’s so uncompetitive that people like me that are shareholders in online marketplaces like Verify A Plumber, you’ll find that it’s so uncompetitive a well structured website and optimised website is all you need to rank a plumbing website on page one.

These are some of the results that occured within one week of placing the website on WordPress.

Plumbers Bradford – No Where, a week later, Page 6 #1
Plumbers in Bradford – No Where, a week later, Page 4 #6
Emergency Plumbers Wakefield – Page 2 #3, a week later, Page 1 *

*I did do SEO during December to put him on page 1 and it did drop a little whilst I was transferring the website from VistaPrint to WordPress as due to VistaPrint the website was down for 2 days.

Okay, so you’ll see that Bradford isn’t on page one, but in reality the website he had before was badly coded (blame VistaPrint!) and there were no dedicated pages for specific cities, and now there are, the juice has to flow to these new pages, and with twenty odd keywords which I wont list all of them, it wont be long till he is on page one for all these keywords!

Yellow Pages aren’t any better either, my friend Andy Kinsey is saving tradesman, and almost everyone that do their research onHibu / Yellow Pages hundreds of pounds on rubbish websites.

My point is, that so many tradesman complain that SEO is a scam, it’s rubbish, it doesn’t work. Oh btw, Parkes Gas & Plumbing who I done the website for, the website don’t look that bad, and that was done for £150 not bad when you consider the keywords he is going to be ranking for (I’ll keep you updated!) nor the website itself, it looks nice (even if I do say so myself! Take a look)

Stop trying to save money and stop complaining about SEO, SEO WORKS! You’re probably just hiring rubbish SEO consultants (that isn’t a hint! Just a fact of life!)



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