Google Referral Spam

If you’re website is being hit by the internet plague that is referral spam and your analytics looks similar to that of one of my test sites (see image below) you’ll want to follow the guide below. In the mean time I reached out to Google Analytics via twitter to ask if they’re going to be doing anything about it – the good news is that they are “in the progress already” thank you GA team 🙂
Removing Referral Spam

The above screenshot is an average month for a domain I don’t even use although installed Google Analytics to provide a reference for any referrals I need to filter out on more important websites before those websites are attacked. It isn’t even referrals but they’re also appearing on organic search results (see below).

organic reach

I reached out to anyone that would listen at Google Analytics via Twitter to ask whether or not they were going to sort the issue out on a wider scale and the good news is that Adam Singer responded saying that they’re already dealing with the situation. – Thanks guys 🙂



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