2014 Annual Search Trends

Each year Google releases stats and figures looking at the previous twelve months search trends. Search trends during 2014 were what you’d expect including the outbreak of Ebola, the MH370 incident as well as remembering Robin Williams.
One of the trends Google also focused on was sport. With 2014 hosting the World Cup, Sochi Games and La Decima as well as Lewis Hamilton claiming his second world title in F1. If like me you were wondering “what is La Decima?” that is one phrase trending during 2014. Essentially Real Madrid won their 10th European Cup / Uefa Champions League Cup. They last won the Champions League in 2001.

There are more serious trends on Google such as the Ebola breakout, Malaysian Airlines plane that vanished earlier this year. In October Ebola caused the fifth highest spike in search traffic this year. With an outbreak in Spain it isn’t unlikely that Europe were searching Google to understand what Ebola was.

The Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was also one of the most searched and talked about topics during the year after it disappeared without a trace an hour after taking off. During April searches for “MH370 Found” rocketed.

MH370 Search Trends

  • MH370 News
  • MH370 Found
  • MH370 Latest News
  • MH370 Update
  • MH370 Missing

During the year Robin Williams who took his own life was a trending topic across the search and social spectrum. Zelda, Robin Williams daughter had support and well wishers across the world send in their love to her through messages on Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks.

Among the light hearted search trends included; “Flappy Bird Cheats”, “Buy Pharrel’s Hat”, “Selfie Tips” and “How to Teleport”.





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