Two is company, three’s a crowd

I was in a bar earlier and was talking to a business owner based in Liverpool about our individual experiences. Whereas I’m a sole employee of my company preferring to outsource and do things by myself he has a large team and employment base.

We were reflecting on our respective industries and apparently there is a theory that in each industry and market there will be three outstanding major players.

When explaining this in only terms I’d understand when you think social networks I think “Facebook followed by Twitter and LinkedIn” same with search engines “Google followed by Bing”. If we think about this even Duck Duck Go are attempting to rival Google and they’re niche is that you can search theirsearch engine anonymously. When buying online eBay and Amazon another great example of this theory.

I tried explaining that it is why I focused on a niche (read here why it was plumbing). This scouse (lol) although obviously in his industry was successful and I’m still essentially a start-up there aren’t many that can enter an established market and be successful or there’ll be some successively short lived ones.

In my last post I mentioned that there had been a few online marketplaces / recommendation sites such as Big Builders Bum, Top Tradespeople, My Trusted Plumber and I can look at them and understand why there siteswere short lived but still trying to understand where I can succeed where others have failed.

I’m helping someone start-up in the electrician industry but in reality I believe that there isn’t room for another trades recommendation site to exist when there are already xyz competitors and only one or two will live and if there was room, I think you’d need a lot of money and a good PR / Marketing strategy similar to that of with their Crawley Stadium naming rights, and TV adverts on ITV & C5.

I’ll continue to work on my tradesman website as there are plumbers signing up and homeowners posting jobs but it will for the time being remain a very small business helping plumbers find work and homeowners find plumbers.



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